China Panorama Level 1 | 中国全景一级

This APP series consists of 6 levels in total and is targeted at non-native Chinese learners older than 16 years of age. It caters to the various needs ...

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This APP series consists of 6 levels in total and is targeted at non-native Chinese learners older than 16 years of age. It caters to the various needs of Chinese learners from absolute beginners to students at more advanced levels. China Panorama features scientific and standard learning content and flexible learning styles to help learners study given the time they have in a gradual and systematic manner. With China Panorama learners are able to use Chinese characters and deal with practical issues they might confront when communicating with Chinese people under different circumstances. China Panorama not only cultivates learners’ comprehensive communicative abilities, but also helps them to understand in greater depth the social status quo in and the social values of Chinese people. 本APP系列共有6个级别,针对16岁以上人群学习汉语而设计,满足从零起点到高级水平的所有学习者需求。学习内容科学规范,学习方式灵活,可以见缝插针、循序渐进地学习。在短时间内能用汉字交流,应付与中国人相关的工作和交流中的实际问题。通过学习,不仅培养学习者综合语言交际能力,同时也帮助了解中国社会情况和中国人的价值观念。 China Panorama Level 1 includes 300 vocabulary words, 50 grammatical points, and 20 cultural tips. Upon completing this level, learners will be able to type Chinese characters on the computer, distinguish Chinese tones and pronunciations, and use basic daily expressions, such as introducing one’s own name, nationality and profession, making phone calls, extending invitations, and writing letters or notes in simple Chinese. In addition, completion of this level is equivalent to A1 of the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFRL). 《中国全景》一级涵盖300个生词、50个语法点、20个文化点。通过本APP的学习,学习者将能使用键盘输入汉字,辨别汉语的声调和发音,向陌生人介绍自己的名字、国籍、职业,打电话,邀请别人,用简单的词语和句子写信与留言。学完本级可以等同于欧洲语言框架A1水平。(每级不同之处) Product Features: Authentic learning content derived from everyday life in ; Four modules - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - that help improve overall Chinese proficiency; Interesting game designed to take the edge off the boredom of learning; Diverse cultural stories introducing the sights and sounds of China ; Advanced pronunciation technology and live-action videos enabling learners to talk directly with video characters; Modules designed in small segments that allow learners to focus on understanding small details gradually, as well as enabling learners to learn in fragmented times; Corresponding levels can be established and recognized between China Panorama, CEFRL, and the HSK Test; Online tutors are available for scheduled appointments, which interactive correspondence opportunities with professional teachers to better help meet the needs of learners; Free Chinese characters, pronunciation, vocabulary, etc. tools to help double the learning effect; Abundant and free supplementary learning resources at the online community: 产品特点: 学习材料真实,来源于中国人日常生活; 听、说、读、写四个版块,全面提高汉语水平; 有趣的游戏设计,学习不再枯燥; 丰富的文化内容,带您了解中国风土人情; 先进的语音技术,真人实景视频,可以与视频人物直接对话; 小模块设计,把知识点化整为零,用零散的时间也能学汉语; 课程级别可与欧洲语言参考框架和HSK考试级别达成对应关系; 配备在线辅导教师,随时预约,与专业教师实时交流互动; 免费使用汉字、语音、词汇等学习工具,学习效果加倍; 大量免费学习资源辅助学习(。 Basic Information: The course includes 10 units; It is suggested that each unit take 3~6 hours to complete and the whole level should be take learners about 6 months to finish; In addition to the online self-studying for each unit, it is suggested that 2~3 class hours of online tutoring are taken in order to reach better results; Media language: English; Course validity: 6 months. 基本信息: 课程包含10个单元 每个单元建议学习时长约为3~6小时,本级别建议学习时长不超过6个月 每单元网上自学再加2~3学时在线教师辅导可以取得更好效果 学习媒介语为英文 课程有效期为6个月 Related Resources: China Panorama paper textbooks, audio & video textbooks, and CD-ROM (; China Panorama online course ( 配套资源: 《中国全景》纸质教材、录音教材、录像教材、多媒体教学软件(; 《中国全景》线上课程 (



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