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HeChinese Study and Practice Book 1 《和码中文》第一册 HeChinese Series: 1. HeCharacter (On AppStore); 2. HeInput (On AppStore); 3. HeBook1 (This Application); 4. ...

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HeChinese Study and Practice Book 1 《和码中文》第一册 HeChinese Series: 1. HeCharacter (On AppStore); 2. HeInput (On AppStore); 3. HeBook1 (This Application); 4. HeBook2 (On AppStore). Requirement: HeBook1 is the third application in HeChinese series, you need to study and master "HeInput" the Typing Method first. HeBook1 uses HeChinese theory and skills to study Chinese. Content: HeBook1 has 25 lessons, each lesson has 10 to 12 Chinese words, and 10 to 15 phrases. Functions include learning sound, meaning, writing and typing, and testing. Teenagers can finish one lesson in 2 hours. Word list sample for lessons: Lesson1: 一二三四五, 我你他她们 Lesson2: 上中下前后, 早午晚今明 Lesson3: 请问谁来帮, 谢您有爱心 Lesson9:东西南北家国,左思右想象回 Lesson10: 春夏秋冬花鸟,也是喜欢再见 Lesson11: 男女姓名叫,日月星晨期 Lesson16: 吃喝茶面饭,味香酸辣甜 Why HeChinese Book? So many years till 2011, foreigner's Chinese course books and teaching methods are common in two ways: ①Lack of effective Chinese shape study method, ②Study PinYin first, then using PinYin as an assistant to study words. Those course books and teaching methods resulted several decades of foreign Chinese learners reluctant and fear to learn words, and unable them of Chinese writing and reading. HeChinese Book and Study Method is completely different from others, ①it has systematic and effective Chinese word study method, ②it helps learner to build Chinese phonetic system in a way as new born baby does, in which sound and word are related directly and effectively(don't allow PinYin as annoying interpreter in between). 有许多人可能还记得,上世纪70~80年代,学习英语的一些笑话: Good morning(古得毛宁), Thank You(三块油)。我记得中学时,有位同学学习很认真,其它课程都好,就是英语学不好,他的英语书上满是用中文标注的英语读音。 现在大家都知道,用这样注音方法学英语,是错误的,因为注意力都转移到这些汉字标注符号上了,而不是英语的字与音。 但这种错误的学习方法,却不知不觉地一直在汉字教学中使用,并成为主流方法,如: 早上好(Zhao Shang Hao), 谢谢(Xie Xie)。通过拼音标注,学习者的注意力都转移到注音符号的学习上了,汉字字形的学习就越学越难了。 Thank You(三块油)的英语学习方法,在上世纪80年代让许多中国学生失败了。谢谢(Xie Xie)的汉字学习法,几十年来让所有的海外汉字学习者都失败了。我们还要坚持这种通过注音学习汉字的方法吗?希望认真的汉字学习者与教师,好好地思考一回。 关于通过拼音学习汉字方法的错误,我在"解汉字难学之谜,创汉字易学方法"一文中,做了详细叙述,希望有兴趣的读者详细了解。 Teach Chinese words by PinYin failed so many years, failed so many foreign Chinese learners, why we still insist in the wrong method? HeChinese suggests that PinYin skill should be studied far later instead of at beginning, after learner can listen and speak Chinese well, at that time PinYin will not affect the direct relation between sound and word. Who is HeChinese Book for? HeBook1 application is suitable for entry level Chinese learners, who already have studied iHeCharacter and iHeChinese, and without PinYin knowledge for good. It can help them learn Chinese listening, reading, writing and typing in a fast and effective way.



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