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Including the new catalog of LED industry in Taiwan by using the e-book to introduce new products and technology of many companies, to get your new information ...

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Including the new catalog of LED industry in Taiwan by using the e-book to introduce new products and technology of many companies, to get your new information of Taiwan Industry – LED hot news efficiency. Key features include: 1. E-book to show company of Taiwan LED industry 2. Previewing and download the new company from e-book. 3. Viewing already download e-book when offline. 4. Searching sort of page information. 5. To forward a page to someone. 6. To be joining bookmarker if you like. About TEEMA It has been almost sixty years since Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA) was founded in 1948. From the production of basic electrical devices such as light bulbs and power distributions after World War II, electrical and electronic industries in Taiwan had developed the sector as the world renowned IT Island in the 21st century. Witnessing simultaneously the development history of the Taiwan E&E industries, TEEMA has walked through with her members, step by step, to a glorious page of the industrial history of Taiwan. Not only that the E&E industries have become the core industry in Taiwan, it is also a sector that is most competitive internationally. According to the types of industries, member manufacturers are divided into major categories including computer IT, communications, semiconductors, optoelectronics, consumer electronics, household electric appliances, heavy electric machinery, refrigeration & air-conditioning equipments, illumination devices, test and measuring instrument, electric wires and cables, electric devices & apparatus, electronic components, batteries, computer application software, on-line services and automotive electronics, etc. There were about 3,762 members in 2008 with a total of about 880,000 employees from the upper, mid and down stream operations. Not only that TEEMA members have generated for Taiwan optimal export value, but it has also offered to Taiwan tremendous job opportunities. In accordance with the spirit of “Excellence in Innovation and Service Comes First”, all the staffs of TEEMA provide to the member manufacturers diversified and thoughtful services to meet their needs in the industrial, technological, trade, legal, training, international and Mainland China events. In addition to being commended by the clients for our endeavors, TEEMA is the first industrial organization that was certified with ISO9001:2000. 收錄台灣LED產業廠商最新產品型錄,以電子書之方式深度介紹各公司最新產品與技術,讓您有效取得台灣LED產業第一手資訊。主要功能包含 1.台灣LED產業廠商電子書平台 2.預覽與下載廠商最新電子書 3.離線觀看已下載電子書 4.分類搜尋電子書頁面資訊 5.轉寄頁面資訊 6.將喜歡的頁面加入書簽 關於台灣區電機電子工業同業公會(TEEMA) 台灣區電機電子工業同業公會,簡稱電電公會或TEEMA,成立於1948年10月24日,當時稱為台灣區電工器材工業同業公會,時值台灣光復之初,台灣電 工器材工業尚處於萌芽階段,創會伊始僅有加工修理、保養等小型工廠五十餘家,隨著台灣經濟蓬勃發展、會員廠商的辛苦經營、歷屆理監事、理事長的相繼經營, 研究單位的協助及政府正確的輔導政策,始有今日之規模,有會員廠商三千五百餘家,本業及上下游產值及出口值約各佔台灣總產值及總出口值的一半,是台灣最重 要、最高科技、最專業、最有前瞻性的產業及產業公會。隨著產業的發展,本業之重要性,原先本會所用之「電工器材」之名不易表達高科技產業,於是獲政府機關 同意於1994年10月24日更名為「電機電子公會」。



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