[Thanks4support,But this APP is no longer support/update,site:]Extreme Support to this App! Great! There are just soooo many features ...

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[Thanks4support,But this APP is no longer support/update,site:]Extreme Support to this App! Great! There are just soooo many features waiting to be discovered and you know, this is the first time I had to practically go through comments to find out some of the features (which is perhaps better if you could kindly give some hints? lol) Great app and I am seeing so much potential in this thing, let alone that it saves battery and makes life easier by doing a lot of the manual things for us. I'm really looking forward to the final 'Genius' mode! And this time plsss give us some idea of what to look forward to. Spell out us some of the cool functions if you could! Great support to this free but intelligent app!
Herman 2013/6/2 12:11 One hundred points. Now feel my smartphone upgrade. Thank author's careful development, let us use the phone even without money can have smooth experience.
王琦 2013/5/30 10:06amazing good to try,keep going
Tsz kit 2013/5/29 12:11 Great app This is the smart phone
Keung 於 2013/5/28的 9:58 SmartPhoneAI - Heart smartphones* The procedure for personal, non-commercial independent application development *
Android users are using smart phones?, Although your system is claimed to be "smart phone system," but until today you really feel it?Our Android lacks wisdom, nor even the basic wisdom!To solve this problem, today I decided to launch a test version of SmartPhoneAI system.This tool set selection is simple, just select the AI ​​intelligence level, and then press OK.So, what this thing can do? Here I will reveal little, other functions let you feel!1) Reverse the phone on the table, immediately turn off the screen and lock
2) mobile phone standby time, the use of smart connectivity, only to receive data once every minute, reduce power waste (does not affect the phone and other important functions)
3) the phone upright, it will open for you to keep the screen
4) when you put a mobile phone flat on the table, loud speaker automatically open until picked up
5) When the phone reverse phone on the table, the call automatically suspended until the pick up (
6) into the headphones when playing music and adjust the appropriate volume (very basic need, right?)Many details on the function, not detailed here, and the future will add more intelligence
Make your phone smarter
(What bad things than S4 better, right?)TAGS:SMART PHONE AI



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