Yuan Gong Lao Ban Ai (Employees love the boss)

【★】App内容概说★★★★★ 《出色员工老板爱》是一套关于职场的丛书。毫无疑问,每个身在职场的人都有这样的困惑:怎么做事,才会受到老板的青睐? 与当下流行于职场的“天才论”不同。书指出,就算是普通岗位的员工,一样能变得“非凡”,一样能有所成就。无论是什么样的企业。只有让每一个人都充分发挥出自己的潜能,才能走向辉煌! ...

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【★】App内容概说★★★★★ 《出色员工老板爱》是一套关于职场的丛书。毫无疑问,每个身在职场的人都有这样的困惑:怎么做事,才会受到老板的青睐? 与当下流行于职场的“天才论”不同。书指出,就算是普通岗位的员工,一样能变得“非凡”,一样能有所成就。无论是什么样的企业。只有让每一个人都充分发挥出自己的潜能,才能走向辉煌!   《出色员工老板爱》可以说是核心人才论的一个补充,揭示了如何发掘普通职员们的潜力。对那些在第一线努力工作为企业的发展做出贡献的职员来说,也会起到共鸣、安慰和激励的作用,有助于大家重拾信心,重塑人生! 本套丛书有以下书籍组成:《不能晋升的八种员工》、《老板喜欢员工的特征》、《你为什么找不到好工作》、《主动执行》、《最受企业欢迎的十三种人》…… 【★】App软件特色与优势★★★★★ ◆史上与ibooks最为接近的阅读软件! ◆有书架和条目两种方式同时体现,给你悦读超自由! ◆翻阅效果极佳,阅读界面清爽、美观,内有书签,跳转、阅读进度体现,给人最美最爽的悦读体验。 ◆打开、翻阅速度超快,绝不耽误您的享读时间! 【★】推荐的精品APP书目:♂性左爱右 ♂♂帮你看病 ♂百科全说 ♂星座全说 ♂♂生肖全说 ♂偏方大全♂ 必读经典 ♂小故事大道理♂♂我该怎么办♂♂诸子百家轻松读 ♂四大名著精读 ♂老庄孔孟精读 ♂卡耐基全书 ♂官场小说 ♂典藏二十五史 ♂大尺度言情小说合集 ♂核辐射防护知识手册 ♂♂地震自救知识手册 ♂日本地震真相解密 ♂♂必读西方哲人 【★】超值App推荐★★★★★ ♂典藏二十五史(302册,相当于一层图书馆的藏书,9.99美金。) ♂大尺度言情小说合集(357册,9.99美金,情色无限好,只是看你读不读……) ♂性左爱右(100册,9.99美金,绝对的原创佳作,关于性与爱的梦呓与缠绵……)(【★】 App contents that ★ ★ ★ ★ ★    "Great employees love the boss" is a set of books on the workplace. There is no doubt that each body in the workplace, people have this kind of confusion: how to do things, will it be the boss of all ages      Popular in the workplace with the current "genius theory" different. Points out, even ordinary staff positions, the same can become "extraordinary", the same can be achieved. No matter what kind of business. Only by allowing everyone to play their full potential, in order to glory! "Great employees love the boss" can be said that the core talent on a supplement to the general staff reveals how to explore their potential. For those who work in the first line contribute to the development of enterprises is the staff, will also play a resonance, comfort and the role of incentives to help you regain confidence and rebuild life!     Bentaocongshu composed of the following books: "can not be promoted eight employees," "the boss likes the characteristics of employees", "Why do you find a good job," "active enforcement" and "most companies welcome the 13 kinds of people "...    【★】 App software features and advantages ★ ★ ★ ★ ★     ◆ history and ibooks closest reading software!     ◆ There are shelves and also reflects the entry of two ways, to give you pleasure reading super free!     ◆ read the excellent results, read the screen refreshing, beautiful, there are bookmarks, jump, read the progress reflected, giving the most beautiful succulent pleasure reading experience.     ◆ Open, read super-fast, no delay time for your to enjoy!   【★】 boutique APP recommended books:♂ ♂ ♂ the right of the left love to help you see the doctor ♂ ♂ Encyclopedia says that the whole constellation of zodiac all that ♂ ♂ ♂ ♂ recipe Daquan reading classic stories truths ♂ ♂ ♂ me how to do♂ ♂ ♂ philosophers easily read the four famous Taoist Confucian Intensive Intensive ♂ ♂ ♂ Carnegie book collection Twenty-five Histories officialdom novels ♂ ♂ ♂ collection of large-scale romantic novels knowledge of radiation protection knowledge and self-help manual ♂ ♂ earthquake handbook ♂ ♂ ♂ Japan earthquake truth decryption reading Western philosophers   【★】 Value App Recommended ★ ★ ★ ★ ★     Twenty-five Histories Collection ♂ (302, equivalent to a layer of the library collection, 9.99 U.S. dollars.)     ♂ large-scale romantic novels collection (357, 9.99 U.S. dollars, erotic infinitely good, just watch you do not read ... read ...)     ♂ love the right of the left (100, 9.99 U.S. dollars, absolutely original masterpiece, the balderdash about sex and love and lingering ...)



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