Mahjong and Friends 16 Free

Mahjong and Friends 16 tiles edition.
Beta version.
Mahjong newbie please try the 13 tiles “Mahjong and Friends Free” to get through the basic rules ...

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Mahjong and Friends 16 tiles edition.
Beta version.
Mahjong newbie please try the 13 tiles “Mahjong and Friends Free” to get through the basic rules 1st.*When playing in network mode, ALWAYS use the same version for all devices, different version might not be able to interconnect.Features:
.Supports over 100 types of mahjong hands that are commonly seen in the 16 tiles mahjong rules of Hong Kong/Taiwan/China.
.Supports network multiplayer via Bluetooth/Wifi or LAN.
.Anytime auto save, you can always quit in the midst of the game, your game can be restored afterward.
.Statistics logging system that records all the mahjong hands you achieved.
.Capture and Sharing feature: capture a screenshot of your winning hand and store in SD card, or share with your friends on social network.===
麻將新手請先下載“雀友麻雀Free”學習基本麻将玩法。*連線時請確保所有裝置所使用的軟體版本相同,不同版本並不保證能成功連線Change Log:
A. Added examples under "How to play"
B. Fixed winning tiles hint didn't show up in several special hands.1.0.3beta
Fixed Force Close error during app startup on certain devices.1.0.4beta
A. Now you can see tiles discarded by individual players, tap discarded tiles to view.
B. Better winning tile hint - exhausted tiles will be crossed out.
C. Fixed incorrect high score record bug.1.0.5beta
A. Added two hands: "Mixed Shifted Pungs" and "Mixed Shifted Chows".
B. UI tweak and minor bug fix.1.0.6beta
LAN/Wifi network mode fix.1.0.7beta
Unlock 3 bonus wallpapers by rating this app! (Hint: Tap the star! If you have already rated, it's just fine to submit the same rating again.)1.0.8beta
A. Added several new hands, now with over 100 hands in total!
B. Added random wallpaper option.
C. Network mode tweak and bug fixes.
D. Removed portrait mode support in HVGA devices.1.1.0beta
A. Added server network mode, now you can use your 2G/3G data connection to host/connect a game.
B. Added "Nine Gates" hand.1.1.01beta
A. Added Tile Color option
B. Added 3 new characters (for network mode only)
C. Minor bug fixes1.1.02beta
A. Fixed "Exit" bug during game play on some devices (please let us know in detail if you still have this problem after update, we cannot test EVERY device and we need your help to sort out this issue. Thanks)
B. Added 1 network mode character
C. Added 1 tile color1.3.01beta
A. Added "Tournament" game mode
B. Bug fixes and UI tweak1.3.03beta
A. Tournament bug fixes
B. Tournament UI tweak1.3.05beta
A. Added 2 new characters and 1 new wallpaper
B. You can restart a tournament match (except Finals) with 2 tickets, click menu during tournament match
C. UI bug fixes and tweaks1.3.07beta
A. Added a new tournament, along with new items
B. Added 1 new wallpaper
C. Bug fix for "seven pairs and a pung" hand can't be recognized occasionally1.3.08beta
A. Added a new character
B. Added option to switch off tile hint (for those who want some serious practice for the real game!).
C. Item logic tweak, increased the chance to obtain unowned items in tournament mode1.3.10beta
A. Minor AI bug fixes.
B. Minor scoring fixes.1.3.12beta
Fixed the display problem for qHD+ devices.1.3.14beta
A. Added option to disable stretch image mode for qHD+ devices.
B. Fixed LAN multiplayer interface crashing problem on 4.0+ devices.1.3.15beta
A. Minor bug fixes.
B. Updated to latest Android library, better compatibility and performance enhancement.1.3.19beta
UI fixes for KitKat.
Fixed tournament mode crash problem on some devices.



版本: 1.3.19beta

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开发者 ePoint Production

建议适用年龄: 12+

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