Ai Mi Shi Pin Liao Tian Ruan Jian (imichat)

版本:v2.3.3 适用平台:android2.0以上 分辨率:自动适配 艾米视频,宅男必备首选,美女辣妹HIGH翻天。艾米视频聊天介绍:美女视频聊天室才艺表演,支持数万人同时在线视频交友,唱歌娱乐,话题讨论,高潮迭起,精彩纷呈。同时艾米视频聊天作为全球首款手机视频通讯软件,支持您陌生交友及与亲友视频聊天。艾米视频主要功能:1、最火视频互动聊天室:美女主播、互动主持、精彩节目、回味无穷;2、陌生交友:在茫茫人海中邂逅您所中意的TA;3、视频、语音文字随意聊:支持多种输入方式,新颖、实用、更有趣!“The ...

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版本:v2.3.3 适用平台:android2.0以上 分辨率:自动适配 艾米视频,宅男必备首选,美女辣妹HIGH翻天。艾米视频聊天介绍:美女视频聊天室才艺表演,支持数万人同时在线视频交友,唱歌娱乐,话题讨论,高潮迭起,精彩纷呈。同时艾米视频聊天作为全球首款手机视频通讯软件,支持您陌生交友及与亲友视频聊天。艾米视频主要功能:1、最火视频互动聊天室:美女主播、互动主持、精彩节目、回味无穷;2、陌生交友:在茫茫人海中邂逅您所中意的TA;3、视频、语音文字随意聊:支持多种输入方式,新颖、实用、更有趣!“The video-based mobile meeting place.”imiChat is a video + text chat application that is available across multiple mobile platforms and PC. It was the world's first video chat application available over 2.5G networks. As such, imiChat is of the most popular mobile video chat applications worldwide. In just three short years, imiChat grew to nearly 100 million users in over 200 countries.imiChat allows users around the world to connect with one another regardless of platform, service provider, device, network or location. imiChat is a free application that does not incur call or roaming charges. As long as there is GPRS coverage, users are able to use imiChat to video chat, text chat and voice chat with one another.Functionality:1. News: watch live news2. Hosted chat rooms: video and text chat with male or female hosts and dozens of other chat room members. 3. Search: use our intelligent search tool to find others to chat with4. Chat logs: view your recent contacts and a record of your chats Invite: enter a phone number directly from your phone’s address book to invite friends to chat. If they can’t download imiChat, they can still chat with you through SMS.



版本: 2.3.3

大小: 3.43 MB


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建议适用年龄: 9+

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